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"Joan is AMAZING!  Just what I needed and I didn't even know how wonderful I could feel!  The pain in my shoulder is gone and I can raise it now for the first time in weeks after just one session!!  Thank you, Joan."    E.G.

(After 90 min hot stone massage)  Wonderful!  So relaxing.  Thorough.  Gentle yet firm.  I'll be back regularly.    K.V.

WOW!!  Came in with neck and back pain.  Left much happier with no more pain!!  Joan has magic hands!!   D.K.

Joan doesn't just go through the motions.  She actually works the area that needs to be worked, efficiently & effectively.  Wonderful !!   M.K. (Physical Therapist)

​I have been blessed to have had massage and body work from a number of talented people over the years, and I can heartily recommend Joan Wise.  She is compassionate and diligent about ensuring her clients' comfort and ​well-being, giving full attention to every detail of the massage experience.  In addition to her massage training, Joan also has experience with other healing modalities that further inform and enhance her work.  The stretches &  exercises she gave me after my last massage made a HUGE difference in how I felt -- that headache/neck ache I had for over two weeks is gone and I feel so much better!   S. K.

Joan is FANTASTIC!!  Hot stone massage combined with many modalities.  Great flow enhanced by hot stones and Joan's healing hands.  Thank you, Joan!!    A.A

My therapeutic massage from Joan Wise was great!  It almost immediately relieved the very odd pain in the muscles between my ribs.  She used techniques I'd never experienced before.  When I asked for an explanation, she provided it, and when I simply wanted to zone out, she let me do that, as well.  I'll definitely be going back.   K.C.

Joan uses lots of various techniques and varies them according to what is going on with my body at each session.  I'm definitely a "regular".   H.S.

Every massage is such a pleasant and joyful experience.  After working through a significant lower back injury and continuing to re-injure it, I always leave feeling rejuvenated and invigorated.  Always such a great experience!
T.B,  (R.N.)

Best massage ever!!  Joan is amazing -- the first time she worked on me, I felt better immediately.  I was able to move without hip pain and the pain in my shoulder was noticeably less tight.  This is my second visit and am planning a third visit simply because I strongly believe my body is getting healthier through Joan's professional manipulation and massage knowledge.  R.C.

Vibrations!  Wonderful!  Amazing!  My whole body feels so alive!!.   M.F.

Inversion table -- awesome -- loved it!  Hot stones -- only way to go!  Choice of music is awesome!  Room with optional essential oils -- very pleasant & relaxing!  Techniques -- don't know, but feel better aligned & muscle trigger points in tight areas totally targeted until release and feel better, more relaxed.  Joan's knowledge of the body -- amazing to know how one part interfaces with the another part.  Great touch -- soothing yet strong & focused where needed!  Your massage is awesome, Joan!  Magic!!   H.F.

I'm a hard core cyclist so regular massage with Joan keeps me cycling more.  It's very beneficial for tight legs.  After Joan's massage I feel like I've just awakened from a nap.  S.H.

Joan always listens to her clients' voices and bodies to know how to help them to get the most out of their massage.  I have been coming to Joan monthly for almost two years now and HIGHLY recommend her!  She takes all my stress and tightness away.  G.D.

Thank you Joan for your time and attention yesterday during my massage with you!  The most dramatic thing that I noted was the quality of my sleep that night and that I was not stiff AT ALL:when I got out of bed in the morning!!  Thank you.  L.O.

* Thorough
*Adjusted to my comfort level
*Thanks for going deep enough
*Good balance of therapy and relaxation.  Thank you Joan!     J.F.

Joan has helped release long-term tension and pain in my shoulders and neck and has shown me ways that heal those joints so the pain doesn't return.  A.D.

Joan takes extra time to listen to your specific needs.  She caters the massage to fit you!  I feel great!!   L.A.

“The level of service at Wise Wellness is fantastic. Having been a customer for many years, I am consistently impressed by the professionalism of  you, Joan!  Thank you!”  K.B.

“In this day and age, it’s hard to find a company you can trust. Wise Wellness was recommended to me by a friend, and now I know why – the quality of service I received was outstanding. Keep up the good work!”  M.F.

Came in from a stressful week and left comfortably in my skin, perfectly relaxed!  Thank you Joan!      D.K.

Delightful, relaxing and deeply healing!  Joan has a way of  being extremely effective yet incredibly gentle when working out those stubborn spots in my neck and shoulders!  I highly recommend her!!      C.B.

The BEST I have had, and I am 70 years old & veteran of many massages!
          F. L
I keep thinking it couldn't get any better and then it is!  Amazing!!    D.K.

I had no idea what to expect from a massage therapy session with Joan for an injured shoulder.  Joan explained the methods she used as the therapy session progressed . . . letting me know that I was in control of the movements as she maneuvered me slowly and steadily.  I left feeling as if muscles that needed to be moved had been moved & increased my range of motion immediately.  I'm looking forward to my shoulder's continued rehab under Joan's expert hands.     J.B.

I know intellectually that my body is one element all connected together.  After a session with Joan, I FEEL it!  This makes me feel grounded and more at peace.     B.C.

Best ever!  Different from my other massages with you.  You keep getting better, Joan -- amazing before and now I have no words.  Thank you for being!!     G K.

Joan is a true healer.  I feel restored following our sessions,  She is able to touch non-physical places within me that allows me to have an awareness of my own needs.                 C.R.

That gal has some hands!  I'm a guy that always pushes myself to my limits so have many aches, pains, pulls & tears.  And every time I come to Joan over two years now, she works her magic & makes it gone!  Thank you Wise Massage!!             T.S.

Amazing.  Very grateful.  I feel like a new person -- the one I'm supposed to be.  Joan does massage & so much more.  And is worth even more than she charges.  I highly recommend her!!            G.T

Joan has great knowledge of the interconnectedness of the body.  She does a phenomenal job relaxing tension and realigning.  Her deep tissue therapy has helped me greatly in managing my symptoms resulting from a MVA (Motor Vehicle Accident).  She is thorough and provides quality service at a reasonable rate.   J.R.

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